Cape Town Department Descriptions

Cape Town Department Descriptions

Please note that although you may apply for a department of your choice, it is not guaranteed that you will be allocated to that specific department.

Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF)

HAF is the community outreach arm of Hillsong Church South Africa. Interns in HAF will be involved with the various community projects. An example of some of these are: Tembaletu (School for Disabled Children), Mitchells Plain, Disaster Relief and Women and Orphan Care.


Those who are passionate about working with teenagers will be able to intern with our Youth department, where they will help out with the 13-18 year olds. Youth leaders help carry our Friday night Youth Services and are active in schools ministry during the week.


Those with a love for children can help out with our children’s ministry. Kid’s Church runs during our Sunday services for 2-12 year olds. Lots of crazy fun, lesson and craft preparation is carried out by this department during the week.

Young Adults (Powerhouse)

Powerhouse is our young adults/university age, (18-25 y/o) ministry. Powerhouse interns help champion this age group by organizing worship nights or gatherings, administrating, and helping manage mid-week follow ups. Interns also help lead and manage volunteers on a Sunday and during mid-week events, as well as help plan and serve at events like Encounter, Summer camp and Colour Conference etc.


Frontline is the 25-35+y/o ministry of Hillsong Church. Frontline Interns focus on building connect groups, reaching out in our local communities, organising social events, planning worship & leadership nights, strategising to get everyone in our age group connected into church and hosting hangouts after church on Sundays. By interning in Frontline, you will be growing in different areas as a leader and learning different skills.


Interns in events will be able to get involved with all the behind the scenes workings of church. They will help to organize Sunday services, weekly events, and ensure administration flows smoothly.


The Communications department is responsible for all communication in and around church. Interns will help with designing publications, maintaining the website, putting together church videos and updating all social media.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care branch of the church deals with those in crises or in need of extra care. Interns in this department will be involved in the Shine course, Life courses, food distribution, prayer requests and counseling.

Connections & Connect Groups

Our Connections Team is for everyone that has a heart and passion for helping people integrating into the life of church. We want to give every person that comes to our church a sense of belonging and make them feel at home. We do this by having meaningful conversations and connections at our church services, through our “Connections Team”. We also take time to connect with people midweek through phone calls and various courses throughout the life of church.

Creative Design

Our Creative Department is responsible for all church decor. Interns in Creative will help with painting, making or sourcing products and thinking of new and creative ways to make every department and every event special.


Our Production department is responsible for the lighting and sound and stage design in church. Interns will help with all the behind the scenes work in production, including set up early in the morning and pack down at the end of a Sunday.

Worship and Creative Arts

The worship department is responsible for being involved in worship across the Hillsong South Africa services and events. Worship interns will provide assistance to the worship team staff in the day to day running of the worship department. They will be involved with rehearsals and be encouraged in their song writing, vocals and instrumentals by our talented team.

Information Technology

Our IT department is a fundamental component of church as they make the technical side of church easy and accessible to all. This department makes sure that the other departments have access to state of the art equipment to take church to the next level. A vital part of making church strong is to provide technical support to the teams and by doing this, IT Interns will gain valuable hands on experience in all things that relate to computers and technology.